Friday, February 26, 2010

Waiting For Travel Approval/The Finished 100 Wishes Quilt!

Hello everyone! We got our Visas yesterday for China and today we got our renewed fingerprints from January. Things are falling right into place as we prepare to go get our sweet baby. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and kind words of congratulations and sweet prayers! We're not posting as much on this website because we have our own password protected website for when we travel to China. After the negative comments on referral day, we just decided to protect our baby and ourselves a little more. We've printed the HUGE volume of entries that we made on this website so that our child will have a record of the time we waited and prayed for her....and YES, the times we cried out in frustration as our hearts longed for her. She WILL know that she was wanted and loved for many many years before she was matched to us.
Anyhow, life is good, work is busy, preparations for travel to China continue as we await our travel approval and Consulate appointment. Oh, I picked up baby's 100 Wishes Quilt today! It is HUGE!!!!! And so very very beautiful!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Love it... I have put Shauna's in a bit zip lock bag and put it away...
I feel so 'calm' that now I have seen Shauna's face and know that she isn't just a name anymore... sure, I am wanting to go to China to get her and soon but still, I am so much calmer... weird... but it is nice seeing those getting ready to get their referrals now... that buzz in the air :)

Just Me said...

The quilt is beautiful, and I know it will wrap your baby in love. I'm embarrassed that I'm still working on quilts for my 4 kids. I'm so sad for the person who felt they had to make negative comments to you...we should pray for them. I would love to follow your journey! Congrats again!