Saturday, January 23, 2010

Waterworks At The Walmart!

Well, this morning I got up and saw where one lady online had posted that her agency said they are expecting referrals next week! Oh I hope we are in that bunch this time! It just blows my mind that we might actually see our baby's face by this time next week! How UNREAL is that????????????? WOW! Anyway, after I read that, I had to run over to Walmart for a few things and got the bright idea to go browsing in the baby department. I was looking at all the little clothes and blankets and toys and all of a sudden I just BURST INTO TEARS! It was NOT what I had planned to do in the middle of the Walmart baby section on a busy Saturday morning. Oh my gosh, I was so embarrassed and quickly went to the far corner of the section where I tried to call Doug on the cell phone to let him know his wife was having an emotional moment. I got his voice mail and was sniffling and trying to be really quiet and then I just busted out laughing! It was so darn funny! I am going to be a complete basketcase by the time we get the referral and then FINALLY get to that point where they hand us this baby! If I can't even take looking at baby supplies, what am I going to be like when I have the REAL BABY?????????? hahahahahahahahahaha I'm choosing to chalk it all up to the excitement of this thing really and finally happening for us! IT'S REALLY OUR TURN!!!!!!!!!!! AFTER 4 LONG FREAKING YEARS! hahahahahahahahahahahaha Gosh, that's enough to drive someone crazy.....crazy enough to bawl their eyes out in the Walmart! hahahahahahaha


Deb, Russ, Lily, Lucy and Lainey said...

you are too funny... I am so excited for you and Doug. Do you say" it has been a long time coming"? I know you must be a basket case and with good reason. We can hardly stand the wait, too... so girlfriend... hold on you are about to become a "Mom". I cannot think of anything so rewarding and you will embrace this with all that you have..

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Not long returned... can you guess that the girls in the business centre in Costa Rica knew me by name and the situation, since I was on their computers morning, noon and then night... just checking out RQ and so I can fully understand your meltdown... after washing the clothes from this trip, I am leaving my suitcase open in Shauna's room and do a somewhat 'dry run'... hugs to ya..

Becky said...

Your entitaled to cry to scream to blow off steam in any way you want. You have waited long enough for this child. Your going to be a wonderful mom and your daughter is so lucky to have such a loving mother waiting for her!