Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, it has certainly been an INTERESTING Christmas! First of all it started off on our anniversary (December 23rd) when I had to spend half the day sitting in a doctor's office. The verdict? BRONCHITIS! Geez! 5 hours and 2 prescriptions later, I collapsed in bed EXHAUSTED! I didn't feel like doing the cleaning and cooking that I needed to start for the Christmas Eve festivities that was to be at OUR HOUSE the next day! I just couldn't do it. Then, the next day came and I was ready to just pull the covers over my head and sleep. But I KNEW my family would be coming later in the afternoon, so I dragged myself out of bed and started cleaning, cooking, wrapping the last few gifts, etc. My hubs got home from work early and joined in, then my sister, Stacey came! I LOVE when she visits! One of my presents came in the mail at hub's office so he gave me that: Guitar Hero for the Wii we bought together for our anniversary present! YIPPEE!!!!!
My mom was the next to arrive, and then my brother, his wife and three kids! We enjoyed a meal of chili, Zuppa Tuscana soup, yeast rolls, little smokies, and chocolate pie for dessert! We tore into presents and had a ball just chilling out and talking and laughing! We really had a ball!
Before anyone arrived though, we looked online and discovered that there were rumors that the CCAA had matched dossiers through April 3rd! OH MY GOSH! That would be TWO batches done in December and only TWO days to go with one of those days (April 5th being OUR DAY!!!!!) Talk about a good present!
Anyhow, the day ended and I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to get in bed! We slept in til 9A.M. and then woke up to open presents! Hubs spoiled me rotten! He even got me the cute little luggage that I wanted for our trip to China. He calls it my "brady bunch luggage," because of the flowery pattern, but hey, it should be easy to locate on the luggage carousel at the airport, right???? hahahahaha I cried when he gave it to me because it just made it seem more real that we really be traveling soon to get baby! He also bought me this cute little Winnie The Pooh outfit that made me get all choked up! I got lots of other cool stuff and lots of goodies from Bath and Body Works! Hubs is so good to me!!!!! ANYHOW, it has been an interesting Christmas and I wish that I wasn't sick, but hey, I didn't like that spoil it and I hung in there as best I could. I'm excited that CCAA is closer to our date and I'm both nervous and excited that we will be parents SOON! Sometimes that nervousness is a little scary because I want to be the best mom ever! I worry that I won't be. I guess that is pretty normal for most moms, right? Especially NEW moms! hahahahahahaha
Well, Merry Christmas everyone! This will DEFINITELY be the last one without our baby (I HOPE! hahahahahaha)

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Finally got my blogger to work again... anyway... happy belated Christmas and glad to know that you were feeling alot better when I was talking to you the other day... take care...