Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daddy Get's His Degree!

Well, Doug graduated from Averett University this morning with a degree in Computer Information Systems! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!! Years ago when he started this program we knew for sure that we would have baby BEFORE Daddy got his degree, but alas, here we are still waiting for Baby. Oh well, we hope that will come to pass shortly too! At least now Daddy will have more time to play with Baby and change her dirty diapers now that he has no more homework! hahahahahahahahahaha
I am sure am proud of my hubby! Love you sweetie and I'm awfully proud of you too! You worked hard and deserve to celebrate this great success!!!
(Oh and don't worry about the frown on his face in the pic of us together.....the sun was in his eyes and he was trying to tell this little old lady how to take the picture.....hahahahahahahahaha......believe me...he was HAPPY!)

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Anonymous said...

So happy to see these pictures!! Congrats!